When I heard a few months ago that there was to be a large scale exhibition of Basquiat's work at The Barbican I knew I was going. So here I am finally making that pilgrimage. As you can see by the coffee stains on my book it is well used. He was such an inspiration to me that a few years ago I decided to completely change my style and take a break from looking at his work because I felt his influence was too strong... he is such an inspiration to so many, there are lots of imitators, but nobody comes close to the genius himself.    #tbt October 2013. Sometimes very rarely a painting just flows out, no battles, no going over mistakes, no shouting at the canvas, and it tells you when it's finished. Like a meditation or dream that you just walk away from when it's done. This 'Syrian Man' was one of those.  Skin tones.  I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death. And illmatic kind of morning. 'Crisis' 4 months later, dry and ready for varnish. Will be looking for a new home for this one from next week. DM me if interested.
 There's no such thing as cold weather just the wrong music. That time of year when my music taste takes a shift towards the moody. Deep house, techno, repeating beats that keep me 2 stepping whilst painting. Audio antifreeze.  Just 5 of these prints left. If you want one (unframed) before they go DM me or find them through the link in my bio.  #tbt October 2013.  Nas hiding behind a chair. One of the many unfinished paintings in the studio.  The studio reading seat, one day I will find time to sit in you.
 Me and @chinaharrison have desinged a notebook for our ChinaT range. More info here @_chinat_ .    In April I was asked to illustrate a book, it has kept me very quiet and out of trouble since then. This is one of the 16 pages. It's a great story by @jessica.n.wilson and I really hope to be sharing it with you soon although I've still got quite a lot of work to do. This one needs the highlights knocking back but you get the idea.  Upfest 2017.  Sunday morning mood.
 My good friend Joe (@o.t.t.e.r.p.o.c.k.e.t ) takes wondrous photos of the stars, reminding me of what's beyond the city's orange glow. I've made him a playlist for such outings. It's called 'Spacious: a journey through the cosmos'. There's a link to it in my profile which I'll keep there for the next couple of days.  Sunday sessions.  Underlayers.  Packing for tomorrow's @upfest . Will be somewhere in or around The Spotted Cow. I'd do that old thing of saying 'come say hi' but I'm really fucking socially awkward. Only joking, bring alcohol, we'll be fine. #painting #paint #upfest #upfest2017 #bristol #igersbristol

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