Eclipse. Getting too dusty and cold in the studio. DM me if you're interested.  #tbt to March 2015 when I met my hero, the genius and gentleman @jayelectronica .  My good friend Joe (@o.t.t.e.r.p.o.c.k.e.t ) takes wondrous photos of the stars, reminding me of what's beyond the city's orange glow. I've made him a playlist for such outings. It's called 'Spacious: a journey through the cosmos'. There's a link to it in my profile which I'll keep there for the next couple of days.  Sunday sessions.  Underlayers.
 I don't normally share commissions but I do loves a bit of gold leaf.  When I heard a few months ago that there was to be a large scale exhibition of Basquiat's work at The Barbican I knew I was going. So here I am finally making that pilgrimage. As you can see by the coffee stains on my book it is well used. He was such an inspiration to me that a few years ago I decided to completely change my style and take a break from looking at his work because I felt his influence was too strong... he is such an inspiration to so many, there are lots of imitators, but nobody comes close to the genius himself.    #tbt October 2013. Sometimes very rarely a painting just flows out, no battles, no going over mistakes, no shouting at the canvas, and it tells you when it's finished. Like a meditation or dream that you just walk away from when it's done. This 'Syrian Man' was one of those.  Skin tones.
 #POV  There's no such thing as cold weather just the wrong music. That time of year when my music taste takes a shift towards the moody. Deep house, techno, repeating beats that keep me 2 stepping whilst painting. Audio antifreeze.  Just 5 of these prints left. If you want one (unframed) before they go DM me or find them through the link in my bio.  #tbt October 2013.  Nas hiding behind a chair. One of the many unfinished paintings in the studio.
 Can't get enough of this painting Juling 'cross eyed' by @nyomanmasriadi which reminds me of the line 'I better put my device down before the vice versa ' by the rapper JonWayne. Photo stolen from @keziaprjtn  Me and @chinaharrison have desinged a notebook for our ChinaT range. More info here @_chinat_ .    In April I was asked to illustrate a book, it has kept me very quiet and out of trouble since then. This is one of the 16 pages. It's a great story by @jessica.n.wilson and I really hope to be sharing it with you soon although I've still got quite a lot of work to do. This one needs the highlights knocking back but you get the idea.

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