Underlayers.  Packing for tomorrow's @upfest . Will be somewhere in or around The Spotted Cow. I'd do that old thing of saying 'come say hi' but I'm really fucking socially awkward. Only joking, bring alcohol, we'll be fine. #painting #paint #upfest #upfest2017 #bristol #igersbristol  Serena Williams. What a woman.  Listening to a lot of talk radio at the moment. Serial, S-Town, @radiolab, interviews with @elonmusk lectures by Lawrence Krauss.. any physics lecture I can find actually. And now revisiting one of my favourite books in audio form. 1984 has never felt so relevant.  Monday morning. Clean palette.
 Skin tones.  I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death. And illmatic kind of morning. 'Crisis' 4 months later, dry and ready for varnish. Will be looking for a new home for this one from next week. DM me if interested.  I have an old friend in the studio at the moment. In for some repairs and varnishing.  A Frank Ocean kind of morning in the studio. Although I can feel an S-Town binge looming.  Yesterday I got to see my favourite painting in the flesh for the first time. The Ambassadors by Holbein. It didnt disappoint. Check out the detail in the curtains, the floor! The highlight in the red sleeve, the forshortening of the guitar... I'm nearly weeping for joy telling you this . Go to the National Gallery and see for yourself if you haven't already.
 Nas hiding behind a chair. One of the many unfinished paintings in the studio.  The studio reading seat, one day I will find time to sit in you.  Just finished Miles Davis on No 12's shutter. Kept company this evening by one of the best albums ever made. Mobb Deep's The Infamous. Rip Prodigy.    Varnishing and then saying goodbye to the original 'Picking Up The Pieces'.
 Upfest 2017.  Sunday morning mood.  Mad dogs and Welsh men. Back on the shutters of No.12 in Easton. Outline in. Sweating. #30degress #no.12 #bristol #igersbristol #factor50 #tshirtonhead  Right, so after a long time planning, designing, website building and testing the screen printing company's patience to the absolute limit I can finally tell you about a company I've started with me old @chinaharrison called ChinaT. It's all starting with two mugs we've designed (swipe left), with lots more products in the pipeline. If you like and want to stay up to date with us and future realises give us a follow here - @_chinat_ .

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