Thanks as always to @paulcarpenter7 at @thelittleframingco . I can't get enough of this super deep reverse moulding.  Some of my favourite paintings are renaissance dipictions of biblical stories. I've been thinking about the stories of today and how I could portray them. The best rap 'verses' are a narrative of our time. Part of a painting I work on when I get a minute.  #wip  I don't normally share commissions but I do loves a bit of gold leaf.  When I heard a few months ago that there was to be a large scale exhibition of Basquiat's work at The Barbican I knew I was going. So here I am finally making that pilgrimage. As you can see by the coffee stains on my book it is well used. He was such an inspiration to me that a few years ago I decided to completely change my style and take a break from looking at his work because I felt his influence was too strong... he is such an inspiration to so many, there are lots of imitators, but nobody comes close to the genius himself.
 Nas, Get Down, Verse 1: 'Worldwide on the thorough side of things Livest kings, some died, one guy, one time one day grabs me, as I'm about to blast heat 40-side of Vernon, I turned well he asked me "Whatchu up to, the cops gon' bust you" I was a teen drunk off brew, stumbled I wondered if God sent him, cause two squad cars entered the block and looked at us, I ain't flinch when they watched I took it upstairs, the bathroom mirror, brushed my hair Starin at a young disciple, I almost gave my life to what the dice do Yeah man, throwin them bones.' @nas  A commission for my good friend @thandolove1512  #goldleaf  #POV  There's no such thing as cold weather just the wrong music. That time of year when my music taste takes a shift towards the moody. Deep house, techno, repeating beats that keep me 2 stepping whilst painting. Audio antifreeze.
 21 years ago today Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G was killed in a drive by shooting. He was 24.  Just found a couple of these DM if you're interested.  I'm pretty happy with where my board prep is at the moment and there's a lot of BS out there (🤓⌨) so I thought I'd doc the making of one of my panels: 2 coats of primer and undercoat, and 5 of white gesso sanded between each. On ply.  Can't get enough of this painting Juling 'cross eyed' by @nyomanmasriadi which reminds me of the line 'I better put my device down before the vice versa ' by the rapper JonWayne. Photo stolen from @keziaprjtn  Me and @chinaharrison have desinged a notebook for our ChinaT range. More info here @_chinat_ .
 I dont think it's sensationalist to say one of the best rap albums of the 2000's so far just came out of the UK. Big ups @ocean.wisdom  You know its cold in the studio when the steam from the kettle falls back down as snow. Serious. I didnt even know that was a thing. I listened to a @joerogan podcast featuring @davidgoggins the other day, he reminded me that it's the days when it would be easiest to say ' fuck it im not going ' that are the days that it's most import you do.  Eclipse. Getting too dusty and cold in the studio. DM me if you're interested.  #tbt to March 2015 when I met my hero, the genius and gentleman @jayelectronica .  My good friend Joe (@o.t.t.e.r.p.o.c.k.e.t ) takes wondrous photos of the stars, reminding me of what's beyond the city's orange glow. I've made him a playlist for such outings. It's called 'Spacious: a journey through the cosmos'. There's a link to it in my profile which I'll keep there for the next couple of days.

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